Pride and concern at campus

UNIVERSITI Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in Skudai, Johore, was a hive of activity as students and parents clamoured around the campus during the intake of new students last Sunday. Ee Chung Yik, 19, who is taking a degree in electrical engineering, said that enrolling in the university was a new beginning and he hoped it would lead to his becoming a machine designer.

“I am very happy and grateful that I have been accepted to the university. This is the first time I’m away from home and I hope I can rise to the challenge,” Chung Yik said, adding that he would certainly miss his family in Alor Setar.

His father, Ee Lian Guan, 59, said that studying at the university would teach his son to be more independent.

“He has to learn to take care of himself now. Driving all the way here from Alor Setar is worth it as I want my son to succeed in life.”

He added that Chung Yik’s older sister, Lee Chuan, 22, who is doing a degree in quantity surveying at UTM, would certainly look out for him.

Meanwhile Buah Bangkol, 60, from Miri, was proud that his son Abu Hamzah had enrolled for the mechanical engineering course.

“It means a lot to me as we come from a humble family. I worked hard to ensure that my son will have a brighter future than me,” Buah Bangkok said, adding that he was confident his son would do well.

Abu Hamzah, 18, said he chose UTM because it is excellent in the field of mechanical engineering.

“I want to be an engineer and I know this is where I can realise my dream. I cannot wait to be taught by some of the best lecturers in the country.”

Another mechanical engineering student, Kiong Hock Cheong, 18, was excited about mixing with students from different races at the university.

The Sitiawan lad viewed tertiary education as a chance to broaden his horizon.

“It’s only my first day here and I already like the positive vibes and warm environment. I will surely enjoy my four years here,” he said.

Hock Cheong’s mother, Ling Sew Ngoh, 50, hoped that her son would strive to do his best and excel in his studies.

For Nurul Shayumi Yusoff of Kuantan, the chance to study mechanical industry at the university was a dream come true.

“I never expected to get a place here. I will not take the opportunity for granted and will cherish my time here,” Nurul, 19, said. – By FARIK ZOLKEPLI


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