Public Lecture: Lightning the Misunderstood Natural Phenomenon

By Prof. Dr. Hussein Ahmad (High Voltage and High Current Institute, Faculty of Electrical Engineering)

Skudai, 27th February: The misconceptions and misunderstanding about lightning are not limited to the general populace but also affecting the professional and semi professionals. These may be due to limited relevant publications and discussion as well as forum on the subject of lightning.

In order to create awareness among the society, a Public Lecture was held at the Sultan Iskandar Hall, UTM entitled ‘Lighting the Misunderstood natural Phenomenon’. The lecture was delivered on the 27th of February by Prof. Dr. Hussein Ahmad, the Director of High Voltage and High Current Institute (IVAT). He is a well known figure in the study of electricity currents and has developed several award winning research products locally and internationally.

This lecture is to address and iron out the misunderstanding about lightning and aligning the public towards correct understanding of lightning natural characteristics rather than just hearsay or suspicion.

The aspects discussed are the frequency of lightning strike of structures on the ground, the hazards of lightning strikes to human being, public properties as well as the animals roaming the earth. It also touches on the basic requirement of lightning protection for building structures, electrical and electronic equipment coupled with installation of lightning discharge detection system.

It was found that most of what IVAT have invented or developed not limited to removing the misconceptions and misunderstanding, can also be sources of alleviating the problems related to lightning.


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